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1.7 billion adults worldwide still have no access to formal financial services. Why does this matter?

Access to finance in remote areas is proven to relieve barriers to poverty reduction, economic growth and female empowerment. Fintech can help solve these challenges but it needs the help – of governments, the public sector and financial institutions.


The Summit highlights the pivotal role the Nordic region is playing in making financial exclusion a thing of the past. The 2019 Summit will:

  • Deepen understanding of financial health – and ecosystem drivers that enable prosperity through financial inclusion

  • Identify funding gaps for reducing exclusion and explore opportunities for private-public sector partnerships to tackle it

  • Highlight targeted Nordic fintech innovations addressing unbanked customers – and identify roadmap to maximise their impact

  • Devise policy recommendations for Government, multilateral agencies and the public sector


Why now?

The Nordic region’s focus on humanitarian causes, its progress at building a cashless society, and reputation for transparency, openness and design-led thinking, puts it in a strong position to help solve one of society’s most intractable challenges.

The Financial Inclusion Summit 2019 convenes an international gathering of stakeholders from governments and the public sector, financial institutions and fintech innovators.

The invitation-only Summit will facilitate cross-party dialogue to identify viable long-term solutions to financial inclusion, aided by latest advances in financial technology, that reduce poverty and drive economic growth.

The clock is ticking. Join us to make financial exclusion history.


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View The Summit Report By Mastercard

Click the icon below to view the full the full Financial Inclusion Summit Report

A new report from Mastercard confirms the power of mobile technology to improve financial inclusion. The research shows that 15 countries account for over 60% of the global unbanked population, where 607 million people have a mobile phone, but do not yet have a bank account. Mobile technology could therefore provide them with immediate access to the benefits of financial inclusion.

In 14 of these countries, the number of people with a mobile phone outnumbers the number of people with a bank account by several million (rising to 204 million in China). The only exception is India, where more people have a bank account than a mobile phone.



Hear from global experts leading the fight against exclusion

H.R.H Crown Prince of Norway

Greta Bull

Greta Bull, CEO, CGAP, USA

Ann Cairns

Vice Chairman, Mastercard, UK

Aksel Jakobsen

State Secretary of International Development, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

James Mwangi

CEO, Equity Bank, Kenya

Deepak Malik

CEO, Arise, South Africa

Drew Propson

Financial services Director, World Economic Forum, Switzerland

Petter-Børre Furberg

EVP and Head of Emerging Asia Cluster, Telenor, Thailand

Hedwige Nuyens

CEO, International Banking Federation, UK

Antti Pennanen

CEO, Moni, UK and Finland

Dr Ruth Goodwin-Groen

CEO, Better Than Cash Alliance, USA

Els Boerhof

Partner and co-owner, Goodwell, The Netherlands

Erik Sandersen

EVP, Norfund, Norway

Chidi Okpala

Group MD – Fintech, Atlas Mara, UAE

Stephen Mwaura

former Head of National Payments Systems, Central Bank of Kenya, Kenya

Selma Kveim

CEO, Bright, Norway

Jens Glasø

CEO, Blockbonds, Norway

Arthur Sletteberg

MD, Nordic Microfinance Initiative, Norway

Magnus Nilsson

Founder and Chairman, iZettle, Sweden

Sofie Blakstad

CEO, Hiveonline, Denmark

Line Gamrath Rasmussen

Programme Coordinator – Niger & West Africa, CARE, Denmark

Sebastian Olivera

Board Member, Cámara Uruguaya de Fintech, Uruguay

Alex Sea

CEO, Africa Fintech forum, Ivory Coast

Thea Sommerseth

CEO, Diwala, Norway

Ane Cristina Martins da Silva

Product Manager, Transferwise, UK

Kim Wahl

Chairman, Voxtra, Norway

Paul Wade

Assistant Director, Department for Economic Development, Gender and Governance, Norad, Norway

Susanne Hannestad

CEO, Fintech Mundi, Norway

Lanre Akinola

Lanre Akinola, International Journalist, Nigeria - Chair

Summit Programme


The Summit highlights the pivotal role the Nordic region is playing in making financial exclusion a thing of the past. The 2019 Summit will:

Benchmark current challenges and address the roadblocks to technology adoption

Create a framework for successful deployment of financial services that actively reduce exclusion

Address the network of drivers that create the need for, and use of, banking products

Discuss tools needed for successful measurement of the impact of technology on reducing financial inclusion & alleviating poverty

Summit Goals

Highlight Nordic and global best practice in fintech success at advancing cashless societies and reducing exclusion

Harness resources and commitment from the public sector and business to solve the challenge of exclusion in new ways

Create new incentives for syndicated funding by business and public sector organisations

Summit Audience


The Summit will convene a global audience of senior individuals invested in or focused on tackling financial exclusion globally. Attendees have been carefully selected across government, global finance, targeted Nordic fintechs and the public sector including:

Senior Representatives from Government, multilateral agencies and the public sector targeting financial exclusion

Fintech founders, CEOs and their stakeholders

Financial institutions and financial ecosystem partners from Africa, Asia and Latin America



The Nordic region is playing a pivotal role in the war against financial exclusion. Join us at the Summit to meet our fintech cohort leading the fight and see the role innovation can play to make fintech for all a reality.

Jens Glasø

CEO, Blockbonds, Norway

Selma Kveim

CEO, Bright, Norway

Sofie Blakstad

CEO, Hiveonline, Denmark

Thea Sommerseth

CEO, Diwala, Norway

Antti Pennanen

CEO, Moni, UK and Finland


Welcome Address

H.R.H Crown Prince of Norway


Re-thinking the Globally Unbanked


  • 08:35 – Privileged to Win or Pitied into Serving?
  • 08:40 – The Role of Development Funding and Aid in Driving Inclusion
  • 09:00 – Un-secret Agents: Using Lean Distribution to Reach New Customers
  • 09:20 – Hitting the Accelerator – Re-thinking the globally unbanked
  • 09:40 – Achieving Impact: Making the Shift from Access to Empowerment

Networking Break

Nordic Fintech Exhibition Opens


Partnering for Impact


  • 10:30 – Amplifying Innovation: Government Funding and Fintech Collaboration
  • 10:50 – P-2-P: Public-Private Funding in Practice
  • 11:10 – Thinking Big: From A Few Billion to The Trillions in Funding

Networking Lunch

Nordic Fintech Exhibition Viewing


Re-designing Regulation


  • 12:50 – Targeting Opportunity: Using Regulation as a Force for Impact
  • 13:10 – A Global Perspective: Banking on Financial Inclusion
  • 13:40 – Shifting Currents: Innovators Speak Out

Networking Break

Nordic Fintech Exhibition Viewing


A Visible Milestone? The End of the Unbanked


  • 15.00 – Snapshots of Success – Global Case Studies: Myanmar, Brazil, India, Latin America
  • 16.00 – Next Steps for Economic Empowerment
  • 16.20 – Round Up and Next Steps
  • 16.30 – End of Financial Inclusion Summit 2019

ProAction Café & Gala Dinner

By invitation or request




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