Day: April 14, 2019

The Financial Inclusion Summit 2019 Video Library: Susanne Hannestad

Susanne Hannestad, CEO, Fintech Mundi     “What are we going to do to beat financial exclusion? Collaboration is the key” says Susanne Hannestad. Banks, governments, fintechs, public sector, private sector, NGOs are bound to come together to end financial exclusion. For news on the next edition of the Financial Inclusion Summit follow us on @FinIncSummit…

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The Financial Inclusion Summit 2019 Video Library: Ruth Goodwin-Groen

Ruth Goodwin-Groen, Chief Executive Officer, Better Than Cash Alliance, USA     Financial Inclusion: a Visible  Milestone? “NOW is the time to act to accelerate digital financial inclusion if we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals” says Ruth Goodwin-Groen. Using the tools of modern technology, investment and trade, the end of financial exclusion is…

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