The Financial Inclusion Summit 2019 Video Library: Ruth Goodwin-Groen

Ruth Goodwin-Groen, Chief Executive Officer, Better Than Cash Alliance, USA



Financial Inclusion: a Visible  Milestone?

NOW is the time to act to accelerate digital financial inclusion if we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals” says Ruth Goodwin-Groen.

Using the tools of modern technology, investment and trade, the end of financial exclusion is within reach – but only if we view the unbanked as customers. Consumers we should feel privileged to win, not pitied into serving.

The majority of businesses targeting disenfranchised customers in emerging markets are already able to match social goals with sustainable returns. As the digital wave strengthens it’s pull in global emerging markets – what will the future of financial services  look like? And what information do we have already of the new models that will put financial exclusion into history’s dustbin?


To find out more, view the summit report by Mastercard here.

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