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askRobin: serving the unserved



According the Global Findex Database 2017: Measuring Financial Inclusion and Fintech Revolution, there are an estimated 1,7 billion adults in the world without access to financial services. In countries where access to financial services is low or frictional, fintech can have major social and economic impact by enabling universal access for everyone. Only seven countries groups half of all unbanked population, of which the 3% lives in México in where only 37% of the population has a bank account. Additionally, in Latin American market, more than 50 % of the population is underserved or underbanked.

Fintech provides a highway to support the Sustainable Development, reducing poverty and fostering inclusive economic growth, particularly in low-income countries.


What chatbot offers?

Digitalization on financial services, enables universal access services and helps people in financial risk management. Moreover, to allows to overcome the friction which legacy financial services present in areas like access to credit, scoring and credit comparison. Artificial intelligence and machine learning based chatbots, has the ability to interact, engage and humanize financial services at a fraction of the cost of humans. Thanks to the constant availability of chatbots and their ability to create personal and progressive conversations with users, askRobin is able to participate in millions of conversations every month by asking questions, comparing loan offers and playing financial education games. Through proprietary technology, powered by computer intelligence & algorithms, askRobin is building deep user profiling and smart segmentation to make the best possible match between a credit seeker and financial entities, while lowering the cost of credit.


“Today we do have technology, we have connectivity and know-how to serve the unbanked population of the world. It’s our job to bring them to financial ecosystem, and it’s the biggest and unique opportunity in Fintech. We want to engage those people, to provide simple and effective educational program, and help them to improve their financial profiles.”

Rain Sepp. Founder and CEO.



About us

Born in September 2017 with the mission to fight financial exclusion of more than 1,7 billion people worldwide, askRobin is a credit marketplace that empowers consumers from excluded or underserved segments in the emerging countries with access to credit. AskRobin is a chat-based assistant for personal financing, providing access to and simplifying comparison of best available lending options. With a team of 16, AskRobin has grown exponentially helping over 2,1 Million people in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Argentina to access to the best available credit options. Likewise, we have a strong commitment to ease financial exclusion through our financial education and empowerment initiatives, with which we had helped to increase financial skills to more than 550.000 people in Latin America.


To experience askRobin, visit or chat with our bot in Facebook Messenger.



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