The Financial Inclusion Summit 2019 Video Library: Sofie Blakstad and Line Gamrath Rasmussen

Sofie Blakstad, CEO, Hiveonline and Line Gamrath Rasmussen, Programme Coordinator, CARE, Denmark


Sofie Blakstad and Line Gamrath Rasmussen ask: “How can the financial system adapt to support the needs of the bottom of the pyramid?” 

“Capital markets are fundamentally skewed. Small business make up half of the world economy and yet there is huge investment gap in capital allocation for sustainable projects.” says Blakstad.

Line Rasmussen presents Hiveonline and CARE’s joint project in Niger which recognises how women can be huge assets and how they represent “the future of economy”“The work of NGOs has been disrupted by new technologies: we have learned to adapt, creating significant and life-chaning partnerships” adds Rasmussen.


To find out more, view the summit report by Mastercard here.


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