The Financial Inclusion Summit Series: Issue no. 14

Interview with Moni


What was the dream? How did it all start?

The dream was financial inclusion, equal access to financial services for anyone, anywhere.


What is Moni’s product?

We provide smart accounts and a prepaid mastercard.

We are developing a marketplace for financial services.


What are your challenges?

Financially underserved people are often excluded from accessing and using services that are normally available to ‘financially included’ people. MONI marketplace will change this.



Who do you cooperate with?

Mostly, the Finnish government.


How would you define your successes?

We call it ‘the MONI impact’. We are very proud of our customers, who are refugees. More than half of them are working, earning and saving money.

Since July 2017 they have earned more net salaries than all the government benefits paid to MONI banked refugees combined.

This being said, their contribution into the society is beyond earning taxes for the government.

Our customers integrate better into society, find friends, learn language and lead more meaningful life.

This is true impact, this is MONI.


The Financial Inclusion Summit takes place in Oslo, Norway, on 28 March 2019. To find out more or request an invitation, visit:

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