The Financial Inclusion Summit Series: Issue no. 20

Interview with Spiff – the social savings platform


Spiff is the future of social savings. The Spiff app makes saving fun and social. As simple as starting a group chat you can invite friends and family to join in saving for whatever you want.

Research shows that people who save in groups save more than those who save alone. Our mission is simple – we want to help people save money.

Saving money can make people happy, and more importantly, saving money is the key to a good life with more opportunities to grow, and less financial stress. With Spiff we’re giving young people a saving experience that fundamentally changes the way they connect with money and what money can accomplish.

Spiff launched in June 2018 in Norway and is already one of the leading fintech firms.

Spiff makes it ridiculously easy to invite friends and loved ones to join each other in saving. Users connect a bank card to save and make payments to their solo or shared savings plans. They can also boost friends’ saving plans.



The savings are safely stored in the Spiff Savings Accounts powered by our partner banks. Spiff has successfully integrated the platform technology with partner banks´ core banking systems, beyond PSD2 requirements.

Spiff is scalable and will expand to new countries in 2019. Our vision is to be the global leader in social savings by 2025 and impact 100 million people with positive financial habits.

Spiff was founded in Norway in 2015 by Business School friends and dads, Carl-Nicolai Wessmann and Steve Mellbye-Stølen. It started from a burning desire to make the world a better place. They brought 15+ years of experience from Schibsted Media Group, Harvard Business School and DNB Bank to the task. Since the iOS-launch in May 2018, Spiff has become one of the leading fintechs in Norway. Spiff´s vision is to be the global leader in social savings by 2025 and impact 100 million people. Our mission is to help people save money.


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