The Financial Inclusion Summit Series: Issue no. 24

Interview with Zwipe


The “dream” – how it all started

The idea behind Zwipe was to combine the convenience of contactless, specifically in payments and the access control industries with the security of biometrics. We felt that combining those two elements and making them work universally on multiple platforms and devices without the need for batteries or fixed power supply would change the way people interact with the evolving world around them. We felt that our mission was to build trust between people and systems.

Biometrics has commonly been utilized and seen as a security measure, a means of identifying and securing people and transactions. We felt that that taking a more human approach and utilizing biometrics to make this interaction faster and easier and ultimately more convenient would revolutionize the industries we were targeting.


Challenges in the geographical areas of influence

Moving from start-up to scale-up with limited resources and capacity to engage on a global level is a challenge. We have been around for several years but we have a long way to go in terms of showcasing what is possible now and tomorrow in terms of addressing the global challenges associated with financial inclusion


Co-operation and partnerships

Cooperation is critical. We are working extensively with market leading players in the payments ecosystem not only to co-develop offerings, but also to bring to market solutions to address core challenges that people in the developed and developing world are facing when it comes to secure authentication, right to privacy and ability to participate in the global financial system.



We have been first to market almost across the board. When it comes to technological milestones achieved in the rapidly emerging biometric payment and identification card market, we are currently piloting our technology with leading banks in Europe and the Middle East with partners evaluating our technology platform for use in many different public and private based projects for financial inclusion efforts.


About the Nordic effort

As a company with Nordic roots, we are very humbled to be able to push for change on a global level – with an idea that I developed as a student in college. We are focused on growing our company and without the strong institutional support from both public and private entities in the Nordics we would not have been able to innovate and create what we believe will be a world changing technology.


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