The Financial Inclusion Summit Series: Issue no. 7

In conversation with Rain Sepp, Founder & CEO, askRobin


How did askRobin start?

I started askRobin after I studied the Mexican market for consumer lending business. I only then understood how big financial exclusion is.

I sat down with tens of people, studying their lives. They had no options to get any formal credit, and were completely locked in with prestamistas (money sharks). I understood I could help them to get out and get a better deal.

I thought: “Perhaps one little step at a time, they can improve their financial profile a lot, and to great one!” I really wanted to help and do it at scale.

We built a chat-bot service to give these people advice and support.



What is askRoin today?

Today we have built tools for lending partners so they can target and segment in a smart way and offer better conditions to many! We are tackling the problem with very practical solutions. Something that is really relevant to people.



How would you describe askRobin’s success?

askRobin is about 1.5 years old now. We have over 1.8 million customers. We have signed partnerships with 86 lending companies in Latin America. We think this is a success to celebrate, but we very clearly understand that this is just the very beginning.

Financial exclusion is a huge problem, although largely invisible to most of the ‘developed’ world, and it is a very complex problem to solve.

But we have the technologies, know-how and connectivity to reach out to people! This is very unique – we can actually do something about this and change things for the better!


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