The Financial Inclusion Summit Series: Issue no. 10

Interview with Doconomy


The “dream” – how it all started

From economy to Doconomy.

Doconomy was founded in Sweden in 2018 by Johan Pihl, Mathias Wikström and a team of dedicated people from the finance, tech and communications industry. The philosophy is based on the fact that we all need to tackle climate change in our daily actions and that we can use the most powerful tool to do so: our money. We need to go from Economy to Doconomy. We believe that we all need to contribute in making the efficient economic system of humans work to protect the fragile ecosystem of nature.


The Product

DO, by Doconomy, is a unique easy-to-use mobile banking service. It’s the world’s first banking service to manage your personal finances and your everyday climate action. Our mission is to provide digital tools to drive change, direct capital towards solutions and enable a sustainable lifestyle for all.



Challenges in the geographical areas of influence

Our ambition spans the globe. Our planet faces plenty challenges and DO focus on SDG 12, 13 and 17.


Co-operation and partnerships

For Doconomy, collaboration with organizations and companies that have an ambition to be part of the solution is crucial.

Our partners share the idea that our planet’s challenges only can be met through working together and by accepting a broader responsibility. Thanks to partners such as Ålandsbanken and Mastercard, Gemalto and many more we can deliver everydayclimate actions to our future customers.



Doconomy will launch DO in April, but during the past three months we have had tremendous interest with over 3000 people signing up to try out DO, drive change in everyday life and be part of our journey.


About the Nordic effort

We are fortunate to meet. We are fortunate to know.

The Nordic effort to us inspires further and enables to collaborate in a more efficient way.


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